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Why we started

With combined experience of over 30 years of playing guitar, we (Jay and Josh) have come to the same conclusion: When we apply the rule of 80/20 to learning guitar, we can play more by doing less. was crafted out of a passion to get only the necessary instruction – the 20% – into the hands of beginning guitar players via an online, digital training center. We make readily available to everyone with an Internet connection all this content on one single website so they can get started immediately on the essential 20%.

Growing up, we were unaware of how this 80/20 rule could increase our productivity while decreasing our efforts; we also had no idea where to find quality content. Both of us floundered around from private lessons to DVD sets to scattered online content, but were frustrated at having to pay hundreds of dollars (and sometimes thousands) for content that wasn’t focused on only what was necessary for a beginning guitarist.

So we made our own! We built out this online, all digital training center for others to have an easier path to learning the guitar.

Our Experience

Before, Jay grew up in Londonderry, NH (about 45 minutes north of Boston, MA) and was 15 years old when he dusted off the old guitar sitting in the laundry room. He liked it so much that he decided to spend $80,000 on a music degree from the University of New Hampshire to learn more about music as a language. His interest and obsession with music, music theory, songwriting, and pop/rock music flourished and manifested itself through playing the guitar, piano, bass, and singing. Yes, even singing opera for the University (despite what you might think after watching our YouTube channel).

Josh Seadia grew up in Framingham, MA and started playing guitar in 1998 during his Junior year of college at Northeastern University while working on co-op with Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA. His roommates at the time patiently endured listening to his clumsy early attempts to reproduce small snippets of his favorite songs on his first Ovation acoustic guitar. After many years of practice (prior to discovering the Rule of 80/20!), Josh gained confidence is his abilities and eventually learned how to play his favorite songs. He has also created and performed his own tunes at many local open mic nights in the Boston area.

Thank You!

A sincere thank you to you for taking the time to visit us, read this page, and allow us the opportunity to serve you in your guitar journey!