The first of the four “Core Chords” – G Major

G Major Chord

Pick up your guitar and practice playing along a G Major Chord:


There are four “core chords” that we definitely need to know how to play. G Major is one of those “core” chords and is often referred to simply as G. As you begin to play this chord, you will notice that this is a “happy” sounding chord (as opposed to E Minor chord, seen later). G, D Major, E Minor (a “sad” sounding chord”) and C Major allow us to play tons of songs, so it’s really important to make sure you know them extremely well. Therefore, we introduce these first as the “4 Core Chords.” As we begin, listen in for any buzzing (sounds like a buzzzzzzz when your fretting finger lands directly on a fret instead of just behind it, where it should when you play these chords) and muting (a dampening sound when a finger drapes itself inadvertently over the string below the targeted fretting string). We want to try to not hear these sounds when we are playing, and it may help to place your thumb on the back center of the guitar neck to position your other fingers well. Also, be patient with yourself. With practice (daily – 10 to 15 minutes), it will sound great!

You can also play these 4 chords (or even less than 4!) in any order and they will always sound terrific together. G Major is a 20% chord and it is essential that you learn how to play it!

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