The second of the four “Core Chords” – D Major

D Major Chord for Guitar
First, if you are reading this, then you (hopefully) have a clean G Major chord under your fingers. Congrats! That is not an easy chord for a beginner (in particular, avoiding the muting of the fifth string). Very well done; you have 25% of the “core chords” down! If it’s not “clean” sounding, no problem … with practice you will get better! Now it’s time for the D Major:

Ready to play? Practice the D Major Chord:


D Major is the second “core” chord we need to learn as we embark on our chordal journey! This chord (another happy sounding chord) is used just as often as G Major, and sounds like you would expect. This chord is a “pointer” chord, which “points” to G Major both as a chord, but also as a “key” (don’t worry, we’ll get there). D Major is another 20% chord and it is essential that you learn how to play it!

Also, check this out – you’ll notice in the image above that you aren’t using your pinky at all, right? Play the D Major Chord as written above, then strum again but fret the third fret on the first string with your pinky (just put it right in front of finger #2) and strum! Welcome to the world of “sus4” chords!

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